RKC Test & Practice.


We will be holding a number of Test & Practice days throughout the year for Members of the Club to have some fun and practice and improve their Kart Skills & Racecraft.


Although our Race meetings take place in either Sodi-Karts or Twin Engine Pro-Karts, Members can now join us on certain days to get some seat time in our two-stroke Rotax Kart.  Obviously the Rotax is faster and handles differently from the Sodi's & Pro-Karts, but the principals of racing are just the same.


We will have to limit the number of drivers who join us at each practice day, so that everyone gets a decent amount of running.


The average cost of hiring a two-stroke Kart for an hour is around the £200.00 mark.


On most of our practice days we will have exclusive track hire, which means we can run all day without sharing with others. Of course there may be some days where we do have to share, but in the main we will be on our own.


Members will have to pay a fee to share the hire of the Kart and sign a disclaimer form, as they do when racing.


The cost of hire will include, track hire costs, fuel, tyres and wear and tear. (Drivers will also be required to pay a £50.00 fee in case of any damage caused whilst at the circuit. If no damage, the £50.00 will be refunded at the end of the session).


Hire charges from (Depending on Circuit) :- Three Drivers sharing = £100.00 Per Driver.  Four Drivers Sharing = £85.00 Per Driver.

Five Drivers Sharing = £70.00 Per Driver.


There is also a strict Policy for Drivers taking part, "You bend it, you mend it".


Thankfully we are fortunate as a Club to have very skillful drivers, so we should be able to keep the Kart on circuit.


Dates will be published soon and email updates will go out to Members.