Updated 2020 Dates Confirmed!

Posted on 3rd June, 2020

We are racing once again, but with restrictions, as follows:



1 - It is highly recommended that all drivers should purchase their own Overalls, Helmet, Balaclava & Gloves.  At the very least you should buy your own Gloves, Balaclava & Helmet.  Some Circuits will not be issuing Overalls, so you must wear a long sleeve top when racing, if you don't have your own Overalls.


2 - You must arrive at the Circuit kitted out in your Overalls, Balaclava & Gloves as a minimum requirement.


3 - You must observe Social distancing at all times and where ever possible stay outdoors rather than congregate in Race Reception (Other than for signing in).


4 - Races must be paid for in advance as the Series Organiser and the Circuits do not want to handle cash and by taking money at the Circuit you are in close contact with someone for longer.


5 - When you arrive at the circuit, come and find the Series Organiser, stay the required 2 metre distance and let the Series Organiser know that you have arrived.  Then sign in at Race Control.


While we are working with circuits during this transition period of returning to normal, we request that you honour and abide by the above instructions to keep everybody safe while racing.


We look forward to seeing you at the circuit and hope you have a great time.

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