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Slight changes are required at Sutton to accommodate us all during our return to racing. We are required to be staggered so the building and outside isn't full of bodies, so please make note of the following times for your class races:


Light Weights need to be at Sutton for 12.00 pm as normal. Qualifying will start at 12.20 pm

Race 1 starts at 12.40 pm

Race 2 starts at 1.15 pm

Medal Presentation 1.45 pm.


Medium Weights at the Circuit for 1.25 pm

Qualifying at 1.45pm, Race 1 - 2.05 pm

Race 2 - 2.40 pm

Medal Presentation 3.10 pm.


Heavy Weights at the Circuit for 2.50 pm

Qualifying at 3.10 pm

Race 1 - 3.35 pm

Race 2 - 4.10 pm

Medal Presentation 4.40 pm.


As expected, please remain 2 metres away from everyone else while not racing and please arrive in race suits etc, or change in the car park and enter the building kitted up.


Clark will be located at the far end of the briefing area so on arrival, please give him a shout to let him know you are in and he can mark you off.


Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.

Updated 2020 Dates Confirmed!

Posted on 3rd June, 2020

We are racing once again, but with restrictions, as follows:



1 - It is highly recommended that all drivers should purchase their own Overalls, Helmet, Balaclava & Gloves.  At the very least you should buy your own Gloves, Balaclava & Helmet.  Some Circuits will not be issuing Overalls, so you must wear a long sleeve top when racing, if you don't have your own Overalls.


2 - You must arrive at the Circuit kitted out in your Overalls, Balaclava & Gloves as a minimum requirement.


3 - You must observe Social distancing at all times and where ever possible stay outdoors rather than congregate in Race Reception (Other than for signing in).


4 - Races must be paid for in advance as the Series Organiser and the Circuits do not want to handle cash and by taking money at the Circuit you are in close contact with someone for longer.


5 - When you arrive at the circuit, come and find the Series Organiser, stay the required 2 metre distance and let the Series Organiser know that you have arrived.  Then sign in at Race Control.


While we are working with circuits during this transition period of returning to normal, we request that you honour and abide by the above instructions to keep everybody safe while racing.


We look forward to seeing you at the circuit and hope you have a great time.

2020 RKC Championship Race Dates

Posted on 30th October, 2019
The Calendar for 2020 has now been finalised! 24 races at 4 great circuits and the dates are as follows:


Round 1 & 2

Sunday 16th February - ELK Newark

Arrive 9.30am for 10.30am start
Cost: £65 per driver.


Round 3 & 4
Sunday 8th March - Daytona Tamworth
Arrive 9.30am for 10.30 am start
Cost: £67 per driver.


Round 5 & 6
Saturday 4th April - Sutton Circuit
Arrive 12pm for 1pm start
Cost: £56 per driver.


Round 7 & 8
Sunday 3rd May - Daytona Milton Keynes
Arrive 8.30am for 9.30am start
Cost £72 per driver.


Round 9 & 10
Sunday 31st May - ELK Newark
Arrive 9.30am for 10.30am start
Cost: £65 per driver.


Round 11 & 12
Sunday 28th June - Daytona Tamworth
Arrive 9.30am for 10.30am start
Cost £67 per driver.


Round 13 & 14
Saturday 25th July - Sutton Circuit
Arrive 12pm for 1pm start
Cost £56 per driver.


Round 15 & 16
Sunday 23rd August - Daytona Milton Keynes
Arrive 8.30am for 9.30am start
Cost £72 per driver.


Round 17 & 18
Sunday 20th September - ELK Newark
Arrive 9.30am for 10.30am start
Cost £65 per driver.


Round 19 & 20
Sunday 18th October - Daytona Tamworth
Arrive 9.30am for 10.30am start
Cost £67 per driver.


Round 21 & 22
Saturday 7th November - Sutton Circuit
Arrive 12pm for 1pm start
Cost £56 per driver.


Round 23 & 24
Sunday 6th December - Daytona Milton Keynes
Arrive 8.30am for 9.30am start
Cost £72 per driver.



 (+£25 Membership Fee)

2019 News

Posted on 10th September, 2018

We are finalising details of our 2019 season. This is what we have so far:



There will be an increase in the number of meetings in 2019, to 12, meaning 24 races during the year. This is a reversion to the 2016 season where we last had 12 meetings.



There was a discussion of changing the points system to make everthing closer in 2019 but a few drivers hinted that the risks to gain just one point to win a race was worthless, so we have decided to leave the current points system in place. 12 points for a win, 10 points for second place, 8 points for third place and then 7,6,5,4,3,2, and finally 1 point for tenth place. The bonus points will also remain, so one point for Pole in the first race with a bonus point for the fastest lap in each of the two races on the day.



The format will also remain as it has done for over 5 years, with a ten-minute qualifying session followed by the first race straight after. After a break for the other classes to race their first races, the second race will take place. The second race will be a reversed grid of the first race finishing positions.



It has been anunced by Club Organiser Clark Cowell that we will unfortunately be dropping Birmingham Wheels for 2019 and introducing more meetings at Sutton Circuit in Broughton Astley. This was a hard decision to make and is based on the distance travelled by the drivers to the circuits as they are mostly based in Coventry/Rugby areas. It therefore made sense to keep costs down for the drivers by not havong to drive so far. There will therefre be three meetings each at Sutton Circuit, Daytona Milton Keynes, Daytona Tamworth and ELK Motorsport in Newark after two successful meetings there in 2018.



Due to circuit increases allowing for fuel costs and maintenance, the costs for the 2019 season will go up by a maximum of £5 in 2019. It is likely that an increase of only £2 for some meetings will happen and other circuits would remain the same.



During 2019, we will be introducing a 'Driver Of The Day' award. This will be decided by the circuit officials at the end of the day and the deserving driver will receive a medal for this occasion.



It is likely that we will once again host an endurance event (probably at ELK Motorsport again due to the success of the 2018 version). The Spring Cup looks likely to be dropped as the calendar is increasing during the season. The Carol Cheetham Memorial, hosted at Sutton Circuit, will be kept in its' December position at the end of the season.


2019 is shaping up to be a cracking year!

2018 Half Term Report

Posted on 11th June, 2018

Well, now that we are halfway through the 2018 season, already, let's take a look at the standings so far:



Kallum Jones appears to have one hand on the trophy in the LW class, but Karl Spencer has been within reaching distance all season, despite his results saying otherwise. The same goes for Jack Warren, with all 3 drivers sharing the spoils more often than not. 


The reverse grid second races seem to be the points where Spencer and Warren do the catching up, with one or the other taking more points than Jones in each of these races. The class is still open as we head to Tamworth.



Guy Tolley has always been the favourite for this class, right from the day it was announced he was racing with us here at Rugby Kart Club. And he has lived up to that, taking 4 wins in the first 4 races, before struggling for pace in the next 4 races. However he kept his head, and his lead, by taking more fastest laps and currently holds a 22 point lead on the counted dropped scores. 


Special mentions go out to Trevor Hansford, who has made a remarkable comeback after surgery last year to be current joint runner-up with Todd White. And also to the Club's self titled 'Ginger Stig' Neil Graham, who after the first meeting chose a real challenge and dropped into the MW class from the Heaveyweights and although his results don't show outright pace, he has stayed in touch with the top 3 and currently sit 5th, only 8 points adrift of a trophy.



It has been a really close season so far in the HW class. Paul Malin took an early sprint into the distance with some brilliant results but has been sidelined with illness and hasn't raced since Round 4. Newcomer David Comber then took over the lead briefly before Chris Cheetham became the new leader.


Cheetham has done a lot of work since January to shed over 2 stone in weight, going from one of the heaviest drivers in the class, to nearly one of the lightest. Lou Aracsi and Richard Warren have had varied results, mainly in the reverse grid races, but stay within touch. Just 2 points cover Cheetham and Comber, while a bad result from both, coupled with good results from Aracsi and Warren will bring all 4 drivers right back together again.



We expect Kallum Jones and Karl Spencer to draw close to each other by the end, with Karl running under the pressure of fighting for a championship quite well in the past. Guy Tolley looks like he is almost there with his class, while we can't say who will win the HW class. It is just that close.


What are your predictions for the 3 classes? Comment below.


The next meeting is at Daytona Tamworth on June 30th at 10am. Photos will be provided by Stacey Smith (and Chris Cheetham if we do not all race on one grid). Stacey is also going to be taking her laptop to the track and is requesting footage from any drivers wearing cameras as she wants to try a project, if anyone can help at the end of the days's racing.