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Sutton Rounds 7 and 8, Saturday 12th May

Posted on 19th April, 2018

Hi all,


We are now just a few short weeks away from the next rounds of the championship, Rounds 7 & 8 hosted by Sutton Circuit in May.


Some of our drivers will be taking part in the Daytona 24 Hours at Milton Keynes in a bid to take home a decent trophy on the weekend before Sutton on May 5th and 6th. We wish them all well in their various teams.


Arrival time is 1:15pm at Sutton. We are a little more on time here, where Geoff Deacon likes to start on time, so please do arrive at 1:15pm and be ready to race at 2pm.


Due to the limits on numbers at the circuit, we will probably end up running more than one race for each class. Each group (drawn at random) will be given points awarded for each race. So the winner of group 1 will receive 12 points, winner of group 2 will receive 12 points etc. Each group will therefore also have a separate Pole Position bonus point and Fastest Lap bonus point.


I also made membership cards for everyone at the start of the season. And duly forgot them every time I turned up to the races. I have put them in my race bag ready for Sutton so you should all have them then.