Welcome one and all to RKC 2018

Next up on the calendar are Rounds 9 & 10 of the championship at Daytona Milton Keynes. We will be starting earlier than planned for this one, on 3rd June, new arrival time is 8:30am.

To book into the event, please, as always, email clarkmcowell@talktalk.net with your name and weight in kgs so we know in advance which class to allocate you to.

We have a lot of returning members from previous years, and some new blood coming to join us.

The racing starts at 9:45am am, could all drivers please arrive before 9am so we can get everyone signed in and ready for the briefing on time? We start signing in at 8:30am, briefing at 9:15am.


You can now follow the Club on Facebook and Instagram. If you are on Facebook, please join The British Kart Driving Group. Your views, photos, videos and comments are most welcome.

To book into the 2018 Championship, please mail clarkmcowell@talktalk.net


PLEASE NOTE: All scores are in order of DROPPED scores.


Only total scores are shown below due to limited space on the page but you can see individual round results by clicking the link under the table.

Lightweight Class

PosDriver NameTotalDrops
1Kallum Jones6146
2Karl Spencer7040
3Jack Warren4739
4Paul Cox3634
5Ricky Goodwin3932
6Bob Moss3130
7Andrew Strike2828
8Chris Cleaver3325
9Simon Cleaver2220
10Andrew Mooney2419
11David Hodson2419
12Andy Hodson1616
13Scott Clenaghan1515
14Jamie Wesson1414
15Jordan Bass99
16Martin Collins55
17Jo McCarthy11
18Claudia Lennox11
19Richard Mabbett00
20Rob Brawn00

Mediumweight Class

PosDriver NameTotalDrops
1Guy Tolley6354
2Todd White5539
3Trevor Hansford5936
4Neil Graham4934
5Mike Mooney3433
6Dan Wright3532
7Tony Jessop2625
8Paul Low2323
9Neil Humpherston2020
10Sam Lennox2319
11Jason Whittle2019
12Nick Mason1818
13Pete Darby2517
14Terry Keefe1616
15Richard Ware1212
16Mike Edlin99
17John Bagley44
18Scott Edlin22
19Rowan Davies00
20Robert Galley00
21Chris Kowal00
22Glyn Halliwell00

Heavyweight Class

PosDriver NameTotalDrops
1Chris Cheetham6445
2Paul Malin4545
3David Comber5844
4Lou Aracsi6541
5Richard Warren6538
6Tim Marston4125
7Mike Duffett3222
8Dan Back1818
9Andrew Fellows1010
10Mike Harvey99


Point scoring in 2018.


Drivers will be allowed to drop four races during the season, with their best SIXTEEN races counting towards the championship.


1st = 12 pts

2nd = 10 pts

3rd = 8 pts

4th = 7 pts

5th = 6 pts

6th = 5 pts

7th = 4 pts

8th = 3 pts

9th = 2 pts

10th = 1 pt


Pole Position (Each Class) = 1 Point

Fastest Lap (Each Class) = 1 Point


For further information and Membership Enquiries, call Clark Cowell 07879 512251 or 07749 297715 or email clarkmcowell@talktalk.net  Also follow us on Facebook.