Welcome to RKC 2020!

This season promises to be more exciting than ever, as we have 24 races lined up at 4 great circuits.

We also have a few places remaining for New Members, so if you fancy pitting your driving skills against some of the best Kart Racers in the country, contact us ASAP.

2020 Race Dates

All Race Dates for our Sodi-Sprint Championship and our D-Max Two Stroke Championship, are now available on our Events Pages.

Please email clarkmcowell@talktalk.net for further info or to enter.


You can now follow the Club on Facebook and Instagram. If you are on Facebook, please join The British Kart Driving Group. Your views, photos, videos and comments are most welcome.

Championship Standings

Download the complete 2018 Race Results


PLEASE NOTE: All scores are in order of DROPPED scores.


Lightweight Class

1Kallum Jones68238236
2Andrew Mooney35189173
3Karl Spencer00160160
4Ricky Goodwin12151151
5David Hodson21142142
6Simon Cleaver02143133
7Chris Cleaver00107107
8Alan Swinden019494
9Bob Moss007373
10Andrew Strike135151
11Andy Hodson013636
12Mike Vitale002525
13Talis Kalpin001515
14Jordan Bass001515
15Alex Talbot001212
16Simon Stansfield001010
17Rhys Westwood0022




Mediumweight Class


1Mark Bramford27228220
2Trevor Hansford35173172
3Codie Mitchell14160159
4Todd White34150150
5Tony Jessop11115115
6Justin Elliott00109109
7Steve Mayoh23104104
8Paul Low039595
9Dan Wright009595
10Jack Warren228080
11Sam Lennox007171
12Pete Darby005757
13Terry Keefe005353
14Jon Derbyshire104949
15Callum Horne013939
16Nick Mason003131
17Chris Kelsey003030
18Lawrence Tapp002727
19Neil Carne002424
20Trevor Lines002020
21Robert French001717
22Mike Edlin001010
23Matt Jordan001010
24Scott Edlin0099
25Dion Martin0088
26Martin Garrett0077
27Andrew Mason0077
28Gary Ward0066
29Andy Hunt0000




Heavyweight Class


1Neil Graham510221211
2Chris Cheetham25193187
3Mark James14202182
4Richard Warren22169169
5Paul Malin02139139
6Tim Marston00115109
7Lou Aracsi10104104
8Mike Duffett0010094
9Piotr Miczalowski113131
10Andy Lyden0077
11Robert Klocek0055




Points scoring in 2019.


Drivers will be allowed to drop four races during the season, with their best TWENTY races counting towards the championship.


1st = 12 pts

2nd = 10 pts

3rd = 8 pts

4th = 7 pts

5th = 6 pts

6th = 5 pts

7th = 4 pts

8th = 3 pts

9th = 2 pts

10th = 1 pt


Pole Position (Each Class) = 1 Point

Fastest Lap (Each Class) = 1 Point


For further information and Membership Enquiries, call Clark Cowell 07879 512251 or 07749 297715 or email clarkmcowell@talktalk.net  Also follow us on Facebook.