From today 12/12 2017 - 20/12/2017 We will be accepting another 15 Members.  Membership is £25.00 per year, bur please be quick as time and numbers are limited.

Congratulations to all our trophy winners in 2017. Our 2018 calendar is up on the site now for you to book into.

We do still have the  the Carol Cheetham Memorial Race to run. To book into these, please mail clarkmcowell@talktalk.net


We nearly always head to a local pub for a drink to wind down after each meeting. You are more than welcome to come along and relax after your afternoon's racing.


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Listed below are a set of websites for various kart circuits around the UK, and also a few driver's YouTube profiles, where they upload some of their videos of their races with Rugby Kart Club.


If you wish to add your YouTube profile to the list, or you have a personal racing blog which you would like advertised, please mail clarkmcowell@talktalk.net



Daytona started out as a small privately run circuit called Priory Park, and was taken over by Daytona Motorsport, opening a new, extended circuit in April 2015. Now a full 1000m long, the circuit facilities have been upgraded to Daytona's standards. The circuit is fast and open, with two distinct sections. An open fast section and a tight twisty section. We first used this circuit in September 2015 and will be using this circuit for some time to come.
Sutton Circuit is one of our favourite circuits. The venue is great and Geoff always makes us feel welcome. His fleet of Sodi-Karts are always well maintained and a joy to drive. The circuit is very technical and you have to know your race-craft in order to overtake here. Like Whilton, we have been racing at Sutton since 2006 and we will continue to do so for many years to come. Sutton is a great track and if you want to test yourself, try the Anti-Clockwise layout, a pure thrill.
Whilton Mill, is arguably one of the best circuits in the UK. The International & National track configurations are probably the most famous, both giving the driver a multitude of challenges to tackle. Rugby Kart club have been holding races at Whilton Mill since 2006 and we are always happy to return. The staff and facilities are both excellent and their fleet of karts are always ready to race. We look forward to many more years of top quality racing here.
Andrew Strike's YouTube page
Chris Cheetham's YouTube page
Chris Pease' YouTube page
Neil Graham's YouTube page