Rugby Auto Sports Club.


This is a Car Club that is free to join and Open to anyone.  All you need is your own car, any car as long as it is roadworthy and legal.  We run a number of different Road Rallies on Public Roads in your own day to day car.  All of our events have a Competitive edge, but are perfectly road Legal as we stick to the Speed Limits.


Membership to the Club is Free, but there is an entry fee for each type of event, costing from £13.00 - £15.00 per car.


Events last between 1.5 - 3 hours, depending on the type of event.


At present we run three types of event, but we do intend on introducing more at a later date.


Treasure Hunts.  Treasure Hunts are great fun and you can involve the whole family.  Each Car sets off following a specific route with directions, clues and questions to answer.  A time limit is set for the duration of the Treasure Hunt, allowing for stops and distance travelled within the Legal speed limits.  The winner is the car that gets back in the time nearest to that set secretly by the organiser, with the most correct clues and questions answered.  Treasure Hunts last between 2 - 3 hours and the entry fee is £15.00 per car.






Scatter Rallies.  Scatter rallies are an excellent introduction to the sport of rallying.  They are run in the evening and start at a public venue (usually a pub) where crews sign on and at the allotted time are issued with a sheet of paper containing various plot points on a map.  For each plot there will be a unique answer required to the respective question relating to that precise location e.g. what is the number on a telegraph pole, what is the name on a sign, what is the fire hydrant number etc.  This confirms the location has been visited.

Crews normally have two hours to plot as many of these points as possible and to visit the locations to pick up the relevant answers.  Final positions are determined by the number of correct answers returned and penalties per minute late are applied to those crews returning past the specified time.  Scatter Rallies last for 2 hours and the entry fee is £13.00.


12 Car Rallies.  12 Car Rallies are open to a maximum of 12 competing crews and cater for both novices and experts alike.  The objective, on your allotted start time, is to visit each main time control and intermediate passage controls in turn, according to the route information issued at the start.  Navigation is involved, but this time 12 Car Rallies also introduce timing, with set times to be at certain points along the route.  Codeboards (often two letter signs) are placed on the route, the crews must write down these codeboards when the pass them to prove they went the right way.

Starting from a pre determined point (often a garage, pub or public car park) crews are set off at one minute intervals with enough route information to get them to the next time control.  They then have to decipher the route information which is normally straight forward map references for novices and some more cryptic crews for experts.  The crews have to drive the shortest route between the points to arrive at the next control, and arrive there on their time schedule, and so on to the finish.

Crews are allowed to drop time throughout the event to a maximum of 30 minutes which if difficulties have occurred with the navigation (and they normally do!) might mean taking a short cut to get to the control on time in order to stay in the event.  Penalty points are added to the overall time lost if for example controls (time or proof of passage aka codeboards) are missed.  The winner is the crew who drop the least time and have the least number of fails.  12 Car Rallies last around 2 hours with entry fee £15.00.


Trophies, Medals and Prizes are awarded to the Winning Crew in the rally.


If you want to join us, use the Contact form or email