Rounds 11 & 12

After such close racing in a wet-dry day at Sutton, we move on to the next meeting which will take us to the haflway point in the season. 

Next meeting is at Daytona Milton Keynes with the racing starting at 9:30am, so arrival time is 8:45am. We should be done by 1pm so if anyone fancies it, we shall pop for a pint after racing.

Cost for this is £72, usual format.


Welcome to RKC 2019

This Season promises to be more exciting than ever, as we move back to a 24 Race Calendar.  Also for 2019 we are introducing a New Midweek Championship, The RKC D-Max Championship.  Races will take place on the second or third Wednesday every other month, so Bi-monthly.  More information and Race Dates can be found on the events page

2019 Race Dates are now available

Please email for further info or to enter.


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2019 RKC Championship Race Dates

Download a 2019 Membership Form

Round 1 & 2
Sat 16th Feb - Sutton Circuit
2pm Race start
Cost: £55 per driver


Round 3 & 4
Sun 3rd Mar - Daytona MK.
9:30am Race Start
Cost: £72 per Driver


Round 5 & 6
Sun 7th Apr - ELK Newark
11am Race start
Cost: £65 per Driver


Round 7 & 8
Sun 12th May - Daytona Tamworth
10am Race Start
Cost: £67 per Driver


Round 9 & 10
Sat 8th Jun - Sutton Circuit
2pm Race start
Cost: £55 per Driver

Round 11 & 12
Sun 7th Jul - Daytona MK.
9:30am Race start
Cost: £72 per Driver

Round 13 & 14
Sun 28th Jul - ELK Newark
11am Race start
Cost: £65 per Driver

Round 15 & 16
Sat 31st Aug - Sutton Circuit
2pm Race Start
Cost: £55 per Driver

Round 17 & 18
Sun 22nd Sep - Daytona Tamworth
10am Race start
Cost: £67 per Driver

Round 19 & 20
Sun 20th Oct - Daytona MK.
9:30am Race start
Cost: £72 per Driver

Round 21 & 22
Sun 10th Nov - ELK Newark
11am Race start
Cost: £65 per Driver

Round 23 & 24
Sun 1st Dec - Daytona Tamworth
10am Race start
Cost: 67 per Driver


(+£25 Membership Fee)



Other Races


Mid Season Team Endurance - 3 Hour Team Endurance Race, Date & Cost: TBC

Carol Cheetham Memorial Trophy
- 3 Hour Team Endurance Race, Sutton Circuit, Date & Cost: TBC



***Drivers should arrive at the circuit at least 45 minutes before the race is due to start***

As per previous seasons, the format remains unchanged.


Drivers will take part in a 10-minute Qualifying session to determine starting positions for Race One of the day. As soon as Qualifying is over, drivers will be lined up and they will race their first race, a 20 minute fight to the flag.


Drivers will then have a short break before lining up for their second race. They will then have another 20 minute race to the flag. In most cases this race will be a reverse grid of the first race's finishing result. So the winning driver will go to the back of the grid, the last placed driver will start on pole.
Where possible we will try to make sure that drivers have a different Kart for their second race, but this will depend on each circuit and how their timing systems work.
Points are awarded to the top 10 drivers in each race.


Weight classes for the 2019 Championship are as follows:

Lightweight: 65kg - 78.3kg.

Mediumweight: 78.4kg - 91.6kg.  

Heavyweight:  91.7kg+.

All drivers will be weighed in overalls and helmet. please be aware that should any driver loosing or gaining weight and therefore having to change weight classes during the season will be deducted a total of 20 points from their overall score.


Points scoring for 2019 will be as follows:

Drivers will be allowed to drop four races during the season, with their best TWENTY races counting towards the championship.


1st = 12 pts

2nd = 10 pts

3rd = 8 pts

4th = 7 pts

5th = 6 pts

6th = 5 pts

7th = 4 pts

8th = 3 pts

9th = 2 pts

10th = 1 pt


Pole Position for Race 1: 1 point.

Fastest Lap (each race): 1 point.

In the event of a tie, the position will go to the Driver who has the highest number of pole positions or fastest laps.


If you are entering the 2019 Sprint Championship, good luck to you and enjoy you're racing.